About Us

About Us

We Are Creative And Professional Photographer

Antic Productions was established in late 2015 by Devin Burns. His passion for drones (aerial imaging) and videography was what triggered him to form this company. It initially started as a leisure activity but as time passed by it became a thriving full-time persuit for him. He enjoys working with individuals, groups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them capture, communicate and share their events, products and ideas in professional, high quality videos and photos. His main goal is to share his passion for capturing events and telling stories through photography and video.

Antic Productions consists of a small team, who are dedicated to providing professionalism, consistency and reliability for your brand. We believe we can help businesses and upcoming businesses in Belize incorporate visuals as a marketing strategy for their businesses

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Why choose ANTIC?


We get it! Everyone has their own perspectives on things. We will make sure that you receive the content exactly as imagined

The little makes a big difference

Digital video and technology continues to evolve and so do we.

Digital video and technology continues to evolve and so do we.

At Antic Productions, we believe that a great idea doesn't start with just hitting the shutter button. We listen to our clients and strive our best to bring their ideas to life

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